Ayden Love


Ayden is a queer femme from NC & she loves working with botanical and woodcut imagery. They will be here for a guest spot on September 19th and 20th!


Instagram: @the_tinyfire

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Claire Warhus

Claire (snaggle tooth) Warhus is an artist based out of madison, wisconsin, and will be here for a guest spot october 14th-16th.


instagram: @snaggle_tooth_tattoos

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Ned Pines


ned pines is a queer, nonbinary artist and midwestern cryptid currently living in madison, wisconsin. ned likes vibrant colors and bold outlines, dark imagery, folktales, urban legends, and death culture. bring them your angels and your anime characters and they will be happy. they will be here for a guest spot October 28th & 29th!


Instagram: @nedpinesart